Your next manager should have these qualities


What does a manager do, exactly? In the common sense of the word, he basically manages, in the sense that he is in charge; or in the business of running or administering a certain group or entity. By all intents and purposes, he is the leader; and being a leader entails being responsible for everything under his jurisdiction. Here are three major traits you should look for in a manager.


He sees dead people.

We kid. But really, what often makes a great leader, or in this case manager, is his uncanny ability to see things that other people cannot. The ability to see small details and step backward and see the bigger picture allows them access to foresight and effectively plan for the company.

Foresight, after all, is a necessary ingredient to strategy, and contrary to belief, it is not all based on intuition, because even intuition “is a highly complex and highly developed form of reasoning that is based on years of experience and learning and on facts, patterns, concepts, procedures and abstractions stored in one’s head,” as quoted from the New York Times.


He’s a talker.

While finding a manager with effective communication skills might seem passé, one can never underestimate its value and fundamental worth. Problems in any organization can trace their roots from miscommunication or misinterpretation. This problem expounds when the problem is not dealt with right away.

It’s easier to iron out danger at the first sight of trouble than putting out the flames when it’s escalated into wildfire. Any good leader finds time to talk to his employees. Remember that in any relationship, communication is vital regardless of the situation and more importantly at the office. A great manager does not simply rely on yearly or even quarterly reports to keep tabs on what’s happening to the employees. Find a manager capable of consistently keeping a stern eye and an open ear and mind, someone who can talk as effectively as he can listen.


He is predictable.

While a good leader can be eccentric, he should never be erratic. As much as possible you would like to work with a boss with a decisive and predictable personality. According to Victor Lipman of Forbes, people prefer predictability because it helps set the tone and manage expectations within the company. Erratic decision making fosters erratic results.

Are you looking for your next manager? What do you think is the best quality he must possess? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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