GROW, Inc. is actively involved in the careers of more than 800,000 people.

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Compentencies Centered on What Your Company Needs.

From Healthcare to professionals and skilled workers. GROW Inc. efficiently works through the recruitment & regulatory processes so you can deploy the people you need faster minus the fuzz.

Simplify the complexities that come with calibration meeting, targeted selection, background investigation, negotiations, and closing. Leave the tough work to us so you can focus on your business.

Whether full life cycle of a recruitment process or a part of it, you have the power to scale the RPO work you want to get. We cover everything, be it enterprise-wide or project-based, you can manage the service you want.

Salary benchmarking, job review, workforce planning & management, talent market. Our people have decades of combined experience in Human Resource. Let us do the science of HR and break everything for you in terms of bottom line.

Who We Are

GROW, Inc. was founded not as a mere enterprise, but also on a belief that the Filipino talent poses as the most important investment one can make in the country. Two men, both pillars of Philippine business, shared this belief.

In July 2002, Mr. Eusebio “Yosi” Tanco and Mr. Monico Jacob, amidst the expanding global healthcare industry and the then-emerging business process outsourcing and information technology, saw that Filipinos are poised to make an impact in the local and international manpower market.

Partner with GROW, Inc. and join hundreds of companies which are reaping the benefits and savings with the brand of complete, hassle-free, cost-efficient, and intelligent local and international recruitment solutions.


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