Top industries with higher-than-average salaries for fresh graduates


Salary is one of the major factors we look for when in search for a job. If you’re a fresh graduate with no job experience except the internship you had in college, you’re under the impression that you’re not qualified for a high salary. In truth, however, there are plenty of industries here in the Philippines who pay higher-than-average salaries even if you’re fresh out of college. Here are the top five industries that pay higher than average:


Information Technology (Hardware)

Average income: 24,000

Job postings in this category include hardware engineers, technical support officers, and desktop specialists. They are the ones who specialize in everything about hardware—in computer configuration, updates, improvement of components, layout and design of a computer for efficiency, and increasing speed and function of computers.


Information Technology (Software)

Average income: 30,000

In this field, job posts include, net developers, android developers, and business security assistants. These people are the masterminds of the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software systems. More than the codes, IT software people are responsible for making a business’ IT service efficient and reliable.



Average income: 21,345

Employment in the field of finance is on the rise particularly in the areas of corporate merchant banking, with job posts as accounting assistants, collection assistants, and investment associates. Depending on the company they work for, these people are expected to do strategic analysis, provide and interpret financial information, monitor and interpret cash flows, and create effective business plans.


Law/Legal Services

Average monthly salary: 21,300

Job postings under this field include legal assistants, paralegals, and contract management administrators. The job descriptions under this field differ depending on the job titles, but generally, people working under this field are responsible for giving legal advice, researching and preparing cases, writing legal documents, and dealing with legal matters such as writing wills and custody cases.



Average monthly salary: 20,265

Sales particularly in the field of Engineering. Job posts include electrical sales engineer, sales engineer, and field service engineer. These job posts require the individual to combine technical knowledge and sales skills. He must achieve a balance between technical knowledge and understanding in order to sell a product being offered, as well as respond to clients’ queries.

Apart from the basic salaries, employees also receive other forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance, and incentives.

According to an article published by Rappler, it’s best that fresh graduates hunt for jobs as soon as they graduate college. It’s during the first and second quarters of the year that companies have high recruitment activities.


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