The Philippines: Why It’s the Number 1 Exporter of Nurses to the World


The Philippines is known as the largest supplier of nurses to the world, with over 25% of all nurses in the United States alone being of Filipino descent. This comes as no surprise given the country’s focus on education, the high level of English proficiency, and the strong work ethic ingrained in Filipino culture. In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to the Philippines being the top exporter of nurses to the world.


1. High-Quality Education and Training: The Philippines has a robust education system that emphasizes the importance of a strong academic foundation in nursing. Nursing schools in the country offer rigorous programs that cover a broad range of nursing practices and principles. Students are trained in various aspects of patient care, disease prevention, and nursing administration. This education system produces highly skilled and competent nurses, which is essential in meeting the demands of healthcare systems globally.


2. English Proficiency: The Philippines is known for its high level of English proficiency, with English being one of the official languages of the country. This language proficiency is a valuable asset for Filipino nurses who are able to communicate effectively with patients, healthcare providers, and medical staff in English-speaking countries. This is especially important in providing quality patient care and effective communication.


3. Strong Work Ethic: The Filipino culture emphasizes the value of hard work and dedication. This work ethic is ingrained in Filipinos from a young age, which is reflected in the nursing profession. Filipino nurses are known for their commitment to providing quality patient care, their willingness to work long hours, and their dedication to their profession. This strong work ethic is highly valued by healthcare systems globally, making Filipino nurses a sought-after resource in the industry.


4. Affordable Nursing Education: The cost of nursing education in the Philippines is relatively affordable compared to other countries, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a high-quality nursing education. The relatively low cost of education ensures that the supply of nurses is abundant, allowing the Philippines to export nurses to various parts of the world.


5. Government Support: The Philippine government recognizes the importance of the nursing profession and supports it through various initiatives. The government invests in the nursing education system to ensure that it remains competitive globally. It also provides various incentives to Filipino nurses to encourage them to work in the country and to stay in the profession.


To sum up, the Philippines is widely recognized as the world’s top supplier of nurses, owing to several key factors. The country’s education system is highly regarded, with rigorous training programs that instill a comprehensive range of nursing principles and practices. Additionally, Filipinos have a high level of English proficiency, which is essential in delivering quality patient care and effective communication in English-speaking countries. The strong work ethic ingrained in Filipino culture also contributes to the success of the nursing profession in the Philippines, making Filipino nurses highly sought-after in various parts of the world. Moreover, affordable nursing education and government support further boost the country’s competitiveness in the nursing industry. With continued support from the government and the right policies in place, the Philippines is poised to maintain its position as the leading exporter of nurses to the world.


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