The number one error companies make when recruiting new talent


Despite years of experience, hiring managers still fall short in recruiting talent – they make bad hires. They make mistakes during the hiring process that hurt the business and mean loss of income for companies. Hiring is the same as investing in that companies are investing in the employee’s productivity.

Some of the usual errors companies are guilty of when recruiting new talent include the following: failing to write a clear job description, designing impossible roles, overanalyzing resumes, not giving the candidate opportunity to talk, having poor interviewing techniques, involving too many people in the recruitment process,and countless more.

But above all, the biggest error hiring managers make when recruiting new talent is focusing on finding the “perfect” candidate. This traps them into taking the job description literally and looking for candidates that match the criteria 100%, with years of experience to back it up.

While this type of mentality is okay when looking for top-level positions, it can be harmful when taken to the extreme. Hiring managers looking for “perfect” candidates tend to cling too much to their assumptions and expectations.They no longer dig for background information on the candidate. As a result, other candidates, who may actually be a better fit for the position but only fulfill 60 to 70 percent of the criteria, inadvertently get ignored.This can lead to lost productivity as companies wait too long to fill a position.

So, can this be corrected? The decision to hire a candidate shouldn’t ultimately rest on his or her carefully crafted resume. According to ERE Media, an online publication for talent acquisition professionals, personality and chemistry have 40 percent weight. Resumes inform hiring managers whether a candidate is worth considering; interviews eliminate doubts on whether or not a candidate is The One.

One of the most crucial questions to ask candidates is their motivation for applying for the position.According to an article in ZipRecruiter, recruiters can become too focused on skillset match that they fail to realize that candidates’ decisions are affected by other factors, such as family proximity and career growth considerations, details that recruiters can easily miss during the interview.

For recruiters, the best tip is to pay close attention to each candidate’s every answer. Leave behind assumptions during the interview process. Embrace diversity and treat everyone equally. If you show interest, you’ll find eagerness in them that you wouldn’t otherwise see when you narrow your vision. Hopefully, then, you will be able to find the diamond inside the mine.




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