The millennial’s guide to getting a promotion


Millenials are quickly outnumbering the Baby Boomers, and soon this generation will take over as the dominant epoch in today’s workforce. So it’s important for Millennials to carve out their path in the corporate world by making the right career choices. Unfortunately, boardrooms are hearing much complaints regarding Millennial workers, highlighting their apparent lack of drive and overall work ethics. This impression hinders them from getting a promotion. So how can Millenials turn things around and prove these accusations wrong?

If you’re part of Generation Y, here are some tips for you to excel in your workplace.


  1. Take initiative.

Millennials are often perceived as complacent workers. When you take inititative to try to improve things and take the extra mile in your work, and not just focusing on your task for the day, you are showing your managers that you can take on larger roles and responsibilities.

Make an effort to offer help to your boss when something comes up. It’s even better if you can anticipate problems that will arise. Foresight is one of the most important characteristics of a potential manager. Every time you offer help outside of your core responsibilities, you are showing your potential to be more than just a team player but a team leader.


  1. Be a problem-solver.

Generation Y may come off as condescending when rendering observations. Why not be proactive and turn every problem you encounter into an opportunity for you to offer your talent and skills in solving it? Provide ideas and solutions, not just criticisms. It can be your golden ticket to a promotion.


  1. Honor everyone’s time.

Whether you’re in a meeting with a coworker or an executive in the company or just plain showing up for a regular day at work, get used to the habit of doing things on time. Regardless of your excuse, arriving late gives others the impression that you don’t value their time and make you seem disrepectful.


  1. Take down notes.

When you’re asked to sit in on a meeting, remember to bring something to write on. Write down important details or anything you don’t want to forget. These notes will come in handy when discussing the next steps after a meeting and will help you follow through on important tasks.


  1. Set short deadlines.

Your employer banks on productivity, and it’s your job to be able to contribute to the company as much and as quickly as you can. But don’t drown yourself with a long list of deadlines everyday. Set an attainable but commendable deadline for your tasks. Do your work in a timely manner.

The millennial generation is known to be creative and always aspiring to consume knowledge, which makes them highly valuable to employers. But the most important secret to getting ahead is to surround yourself with hardworking people who are dedicated to their jobs. If you can’t find any of these people in your workplace, then strive to be the person whose diligence is contagious. Your boss will be sure to notice in no time.





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