Should you hire more people or give your current pool of employees more responsibilities?


In order for a company to grow and meet the expectations of their clients, they need manpower. If a company is still starting, it’s enough to have a number of skilled and trained employees. As the company expands, would it be convenient to hire more people or maximize the capacities of current employees?

Before hiring more people, keep in mind how huge this next step is for the company. It could be more practical to invest in your current pool of employees instead of hiring new ones right away. It is best to know what else your current employees can do for the company, not just for the benefit of the company but also for the employees to improve their skills and talents. The company should know well the strengths and weaknesses of its employees, so they can set their expectations and control their losses.

Trainings and seminars are the best way to improve the skills of your employees. The company should hold one every quarter or twice a year to know if the employees are improving in their line of work. It is also a way to teach the employees new techniques and strategies in your company’s nature of work. This is also a good way of knowing if your employees can handle more responsibilities.

After assessing the capabilities of the current employees and the company is ready for an expansion, create a list of skills needed to improve the company so you can find and choose the right people for the job. Hiring new employees doesn’t mean extra bodies in the company, but recruiting additional skills that will help the company reach its target. Keep in mind that this does not only mean additional costs in manpower but also additional productivity and profit for your business.

Companies should keep in mind that their employees still have other skills than can be utilized. With the company’s help, it can be improved and used well.  Hiring new ones would make the work easier, but they have to make sure that the company gets the best people for the job. Whether you expand your manpower or maximize your current pool of talent, bottom line is that you must have quality employees to help your business achieve further success.


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