How To Make Every Employee A Star Employee


Employees are the bloodline of any company. The company’s progress is highly dependent on employees’ performance. While other employees excel in their performance, there are some who need a little improvement.


There are many factors that affect the productivity of employees. And it is usually attributed to their morale. You probably already have a star employee and you can most probably maintain them. But why not have most, or if not all, your employees become hardworking loyal asset your company deserves?


Here are some ways to bring out the best in your employees:


1. Recognize Achievements

Give incentives to employees who have stellar records. For instance, if the employee has exceeded the productivity of all the others, give them a paid day off. Include their names on the projects that they contributed to. It could be smaller things like vouchers for coffee or treat them to lunch. Make sure to give credit where credit is due.

Acknowledge them in front of other employees. And other employees might even aspire to be like them. This is proven based on the reward and punishment system, whenever an employee performs well, they should be rewarded.


2. Establish Goals

Create goals together. Remember that you and your employees are a team. Set deadlines that you all agree to. That way, the capacity of each member will be taken into consideration. Make the goals feasible and at the same time challenging. Goals are supposed to help develop skills and time management. This is why goals are “achieved”.

To help the team visualize the goal, put it somewhere that is easily seen by the whole team. If it is possible to present them creatively, do so. Your employees will see that you are as much involved in the project as they are.


3. Ask for Opinion

Two heads are better than one. If you could have more, take it. Ask for your employees’ opinions, suggestions, and feedback. They were accepted in your company for a reason. You could unlock ideas that no one else have thought of.

This also encourages your employees to think critically and outside the box. It will not only develop the ideas in your project but also the creative thinking of your employee.


4. Be Supportive

Always lend a helping hand whenever they need it. You are the head because you probably have more knowledge about the field than your employee. Share what you know to them so that they could apply it and perform the best they can. If you think their plan is a good idea, encourage them. If their plan is not so pristine, help them improve it.

You also need to refine your skills as well being the coach of your employee. The more you learn, the better you get and the better coach you can be for them.


5. Communicate Well

Be direct with your message. Avoid beating around the bush. Be honest with your employees. If you think they’re doing well, let them know. Same goes if they are doing terribly. This way, the employee will know if they should keep up the good work or try to do better.

This is what meetings are for. Talk about plans and goals clearly. Most importantly, give instructions clearly, early, and directly. As much as possible, miscommunication should be avoided for this is often the root of problems within the company.


6. Get Personal

Try to get to know your employees as more than mere people who work for you. Find out their personal background and likes and dislikes. Knowing them from a personal level can also help you gauge their personality. It will give you an idea on what projects or delegations are best fit for them.


7. Allow Them to Focus

Try to delegate only one task at a time so they can give their 100% on that task. Avoid making them do too much because they might end up doing a poor job on many outputs. Deadlines are set to ensure that they can accomplish what they need when you need them to. Deadlines can also help them focus.


Every employee can be a star employee with the right guidance and motivation. Usually, their wants and needs in their job are the same as yours. Help them so that they can help you achieve your goals.


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