Find the ideal overseas job opportunities in these countries


There are a number of things to think about when planning to work overseas: the environment, the culture, the people, and most importantly, the opportunities that may await you. You should know what countries are in need of the skills you already have, which ones can better train you, and which ones would fit your needs and interests.


If you do your research right, you might just find a great match with a good company and a new place to live in.


Here are some places to consider as you plan your future as an OFW:


The Middle East

According to the 2018 Overseas Job and Salary Report done by, Saudi Arabia made up only slightly less than half of total overseas jobs, and Qatar was second among the countries with the most job opportunities. The demand in the Middle East is especially high with over 76% of the job listings on based in the region.


Gulf countries, like Saudi Arabia, provide the biggest opportunities for those in healthcare and in engineering professions. The top job listings in these countries are for nurses, dental assistants, dentists,  doctors, and engineers, all with salaries of around P66,000 to P70,000 per month.


More than the high-paying jobs and numerous opportunities, there are also places such as Dubai in the UAE that make the stay abroad worth it. Living there may not be the cheapest as the cost of living isn’t very low but the benefits that companies provide will make up for it. It also helps that the companies there really value their employees, which is why it also isn’t easy to get hired so quickly.


It’s also good to note that because these places have somewhat become hubs for OFWs, you’ll surely find a fellow Pinoy who can help you settle in with the new culture and environment.


North America

The U.S.A and Canada are also popular places for OFWs. Whether it’s wanting to pursue the American Dream, or go live in a place with the hospitality and kindness found in Canada, Pinoys have always seemed to want to work in these countries, and for good reason.


The U.S.A is now among the top 3 countries to post overseas jobs with over 9,000 opportunities in general work, engineering, and the food & beverage industry. The U.S.A also has the highest demand for sea-based workers. It was reported that these jobs have salaries ranging from P66,000 to P81,000.


Because both the countries in North America have such wide ranges of races and cultures within them, you won’t feel too out of place, especially because there are already so many Filipinos living in North America.


New Zealand

Placing 8th among the top 10 countries with overseas jobs, New Zealand is a great option for OFWs.


Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region lean towards those in marketing and business as well as those in education, who would earn about P66,000.


Aside from having slightly over 2,000 job opportunities, it’s a beautiful place that anyone might want to work in. It’s clean and the locals are friendly, too, making it a pretty ideal place to live in.


Part of what makes working there so nice is that even the process of applying is made easier. The New Zealand government even provides a number of work visas that are usually temporary but can lead to residence visas.


And while the OFW population isn’t as big as it is in countries in the Middle East or in North America, the sense of community among the Filipino population is very strong so it won’t be hard to find them.


Best opportunities

These are only a few of the many destinations that any aspiring OFW can go to. Whether you’re looking for the best-paying jobs or the most pleasant places to live in, there’s going to be a place for you.


After all, Filipinos can very well adapt themselves wherever they are because of their friendly and generally positive disposition, and also project the image of being depended on when it comes to work.


With the right fit, you’ll be able to find a new home that will provide you with the best opportunities that can help you shape your career in any of the top destinations for aspiring OFWs.




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