Do you really need a degree to get a decent job?


The truth of the matter is, earning a college degree does not guarantee instant employment. There is a vast pool of fresh graduates and people with job experience competing with each other for the same opportunities. Nowadays, it seems that people with technical skills are more in demand. You certainly don’t need a college degree for that one, as there are plenty of training centers that offer short courses that enhances technical skills. Besides this, there are select people who dropped out of college, and turned out to do well. Should you pursue higher education or join the workforce is ultimately your choice. But before you commit to either decision, consider these few points.


The Value of a College Education

More than the degree itself, the value of a college education is the experience you get while learning. It is true that there are plenty of things you learn outside of school, but there is also much to learn inside of it. The challenges within helps an individual develop skills in critical thinking, time management, and even interpersonal skills. Besides the education you obtain within the walls of a campus, it largely contributes to character building and making networks that will certainly be of use in the future.


Earning Potential of Higher Education Graduates

It is true that employment does not come instantly despite having the label of a college degree. But when employment does come, you are entitled to better job posts with a better paycheck as compared to those who only finished high school.


Other Benefits of a College Degree

Reaping the benefits of your college degree will not come instantly, but will surely reward you over time. In the long run, you will realize that the degree you worked hard for and invested much time and effort in will reward you in ways like having greater economic stability and security, prestigious employment and greater job satisfaction, and less dependency on government assistance.

For young adults nowadays, a college education may seem like a waste of time and money. It also seems tempting to quit school, and start earning your own money with the most available job. Before making any rash decisions, you have to think about the long-term consequences. College does take up a lot of time, energy, and work. Add to that the fact that it does not guarantee success. However, it definitely provides a better shot at obtaining wealth, and improves the odds of achieving a comfortable way of living.



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