8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired


Getting fired from your workplace is always going to be a tough experience, especially if it was a job that you loved and enjoyed. It’s normal to feel down in the dumps after such an event as long as you remember to pick yourself up afterwards. It may seem difficult to do at first, and you may even find yourself questioning certain things about yourself, but that’s perfectly normal.


Here are a few tips on how to bounce back from the slump you find yourself in after getting fired:


  1. Give Yourself Time

Cry about it. Complain about it. Grieve. Do whatever you need to do to get it all out of your system. Once you’ve done that, take some time for yourself and simply relax. Do not be in any rush to go out and find a new job right away. It’s okay to be a bit depressed for a while and sulk about what happened.


  1. Do Not Compare

Don’t allow yourself to fall into a sinking hole of too much self-pity though. It’s easy to start comparing yourself and your life to that of other people, especially your friends, and succumb to an even more depressed state, thus preventing you from moving forward with your career path. Remember that not every person has to share the same experiences for you to consider your current as the right one.


  1. Positive Thinking

As with any bad situation, the power of positive thinking should never be underestimated. Instead of focusing on what happened, try to think about what you can do now in order to turn your situation around. Being terminated should not define you as a person or diminish your capabilities.


  1. Assess What Happened

Be honest with yourself. You were probably fired for a reason, right? Analyze what happened and recognize where you went wrong, what your shortcomings were, and then try to think of a solution on how to avoid repeating the same mistakes again in your next work environment.


  1. Ask For Other People’s Opinions

Contact some of your former colleagues and ask them for some honest feedback about yourself and your performance. Do not contradict them or argue with them. Instead, take their comments and constructive criticisms and use them to improve yourself so that you may be better prepared for your next endeavors.


  1. Take Action

Once you have listened to your peers’ comments and suggestions, start taking the necessary steps to improve what needs to be improved. Try to recognize when you’re doing something that you should be avoiding.


  1. Exercise

Yes, that’s right! Work out. There’s nothing like a good exercise to perk you up mentally and physically, and invigorate your energy to prepare you for the new beginning that is to come. Working out will help you to feel better about yourself and let go of negative thoughts.


  1. Closure

The last step is for you to finally get some closure. Take what happened as a learning experience and use everything you’ve learned to be better at your next job. Write your former boss a thank you note and let go of any hard feelings. It’s always good to stay on good terms with your former employers because you never know when you might need those connections.


Once you’ve come to terms with getting fired and feel like you’re ready to get back out into the world of the employed, then it’s probably time to do some job hunting. Remember that there are countless opportunities available to you, and that when one door closes, a hundred more open in its wake.


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