Position: Nurse

Country: the Netherlands

Specialization: Intensive Care Unit (Adult, Pedia or Neonatal), Emergency Room, Operating Room, and Dialysis


  • Must have at least 2 years of hospital experience in any areas
  • With an active PRC License


  • As a Dutch government required, the nurse is required to undergo the Dutch language training for 6 to 7 months to be eligible to take the B1 AKV Examination
  • The language training is a rigid and intensive 6 month program that is conducted in face to face set up (no online training options)
  • The contract is on a fixed work permit valid for 5 years (non renewable)
  • While on language training, the nurse is entitled to a Php15,000 net monthly allowance and a one time bonus of Php35,000 prior to deployment to the Netherlands.
  • Everyday lunch meals during the 6 month training will be provided


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