Foreign employers still prefer to hire Filipino workers


At present, there are over 2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) worldwide[1], and there must be a good reason why this is so.


OFWs are very popular among foreign employers because they’re hardworking individuals who make sacrifices to better the lives of their families back home. But there’s even more to them that makes them, and the Filipinos in general, so appealing to employers around the world.


Here are the winning traits that prove just how well Filipinos can adapt to new environments and show just why employers abroad prefer to hire them:


Happy & youthful

Filipinos are known to be resilient, and the Philippines is one of the happiest countries in the world, ranking third along with Fiji and Colombia, according to US-based firm, Gallup International[2].


This kind of attitude in life gives the Filipinos a clear advantage, most especially on matters pertaining  to employment and work performance.


Research shows that happiness actually improves productivity, which is probably why Filipinos are sought after by employers everywhere. They exude so much positivity in their lives that translates to how they make the work done in the most efficient way.Their youthful personalities definitely work for them, and are pretty contagious, too, making the workplace a fun place for everyone.



Aside from being positive towards work, Filipinos are also known for being nurturing. Even when not in their own country, they still manage to be welcoming towards others, which is also why they do so well in service-related occupations.


Because they’re so naturally hospitable, it’s easy to get along with Filipinos no matter where they are. Their pleasing personalities make them good employees as they follow the rules and try to avoid conflict.


Karla Mendoza, executive chef at Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza in Singapore, shared that among the reasons why the restaurant is such a hit is because of the Filipino workers, saying, “It’s very much a natural trade for Filipinos to be hospitable, serving, welcoming.”


Trainable & proficient

Richard Paddock wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “[OFWs] have earned a reputation for enterprise and hard work. [OFWs are] some of the Philippines’ most talented people, well educated and multilingual.”[3]


Although not all Filipinos are entirely fluent in the English language, they are usually more proficient than those from other countries, giving them an advantage among foreign employers.


Another skill that is often associated with Filipinos is that they are adaptable. Aside from having to adapt to living in an entirely different country, they’re quick to adapt to their work. “Filipinos also have strong customer service orientation and are highly trainable,” stated the Board of Investors, when it spoke on the edge that Filipino workers have[4].


Creative & resourceful

Not only are they keen on acquiring the necessary skills for work, giving them professional know-how, they always have great ideas up their sleeves, making them such innovative and sharp workers.


Princess San Diego, an OFW who worked in Dubai as a customer service representative, rose through the ranks so fast when she was promoted to sales and marketing director. She, however, had to return to the Philippines when an unfortunate event happened to her family. But she didn’t let that set her back.


Instead, she used what she had and tried setting up different businesses. Despite some failures, San Diego managed to put up her own matcha leche flan business. It did so well that she’s earned over millions of pesos.


With the right combination of attitude, behavior, and competencies, it’s not surprising that there are so many OFWs making waves around the world.


Employers abroad see just how good a mix of personality and ability a Filipino possesses, which is why they’re regarded as some of the best workers in the world.








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